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Who else likes Nsima?

On his very first trip to Kenya, Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, ate Ugali  a.k.a Nsima and Tilapia fish. It was reported that he enjoyed the meal. 


Video and image courtesy of Daily Nation

What is Nsima?

Nsima is the staple food of sub-Sahran Africa eaten in several African countries. Generally it is a type of cornmeal porridge also known as Ugali, Ngima, Obusuma Mieliepap, Phuto, Sadza, the list is long depending on which part of Africa in subject. 

Nsima is prepared using boiling water to form a semi-solid, dough-like thickness. At International Fuse, you will find this served with beef stew, chicken stew, fish and much more. Have a look at our food menu.


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